Have you looked at Club Penguin yet?

Did you know that Club penguin is the best kids games in the whole world!And another thing is you get to meet loads of new people and every week there are more news on Club Penguin the best thing about it is it’s a bit like your own life and you get to earn coins by playing games and then you spend them there’s only one game that’s a job it’s called Bean Counter.If you are on Club Penguin then i’m called eugene krabs if you see me tell me if you are on my website but do not tell what it is to anyone.And one more thing if one day it’s beaten as the best game i will tell you.


One Response to “Have you looked at Club Penguin yet?”

  1. dombeef Says:

    my nane in on clubpenguin is dombeef,dombeef jr, kitep,cpmoderader,sitemod1,sitemod12461,sitemod,and clubpenguinmod.

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